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We are back open

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Due to Covid-19 and social distancing regulations


Welcome to our Dance Studio Web page


We are a friendly run Studio that teach Ballet Tap and Modern, to anyone who would like to come along

Age, Gender or Disability is not an issue if you feel you are capable we will do our utmost to accommodate, but only you will know if this is right for you

We do NATD Exams, South Devon and Cornwall Dance Festivals as well as our Dance Shows

Exams are for personal achievements from the age 4 years and up and can be used for University credits, if you or your child choose to further their education in the Arts.

Dance Festivals are great for performing alongside other dance studios to be able to have a fun experience and another form of enjoyment and the possible chance of winning a medal, shield or trophy  

Our Dance Shows are the best fun of all, our children have outfits galore to dress up in and to have the chance to perform to our usual audience of family and friends    

Classes for the little ones and the grown ups



Covid-19 Key Measures that need to be in place with regards the re-opening of the Dance Studio


• Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring those who have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms do not attend classes. This also applies if a member of their family has symptoms or if they have been advised by NHS Test & Trace as ‘a close contact’ to isolate at home. Teachers should hold the relevant data to assist with Test & Trace.

•Encouraging all students to sanitise their hands as the enter the studio, while they are in the studio (if needed) and when they leave and to wash their hands after using toilet/washroom facilities

•Ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach

• Cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often than usual using standard products, such as detergent or bleach

• Increased frequency of cleaning of toilets and washrooms

• Where possible, temporary floor marking defining required spacing per individual should be provided

• Encourage students to arrive in uniform

• Manage occupancy of classes and allow long enough breaks between classes to ensure enough time for cleaning

• Avoid attendance by spectators and non-attending children

• Introduce more one way flow routes through buildings

Our primary concern is the health and well being of our teachers, students, exam candidates and our wider communities. We understand that people may feel anxious about a return to the dance studio. We have acknowledged guidelines, in line with current government advice, to help us to prepare for a safe return for all.
If you have any concerns or question please feel free to contact Jackie or Mel via phone, text or Facebook messenger

Thanks for visiting, hope it helped!